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'The AdderStane' came into existence after a series of 'so-called' coincidences and a lifetime of visions, dreams, locutions and what most people would think to be moments of madness. Every writer includes something of 'self' as we cannot separate ourselves from the watcher within; the subconscious mind. What is storytelling but being akin to the nature of God; creating something that once didn't exist?

I'm currently undergoing research for the third book, but those of you who remember Liam from the first book will be pleased to know that he resurfaces in Book Three.

You'll find previous stories and articles below; (2012 onward) these pieces of flash and musings contribute to my journey as a  novelist.

Visit my Visual Verse author page HERE 

(Visual Verse is a collaboration. An anthology of poetry, short stories and non-fiction. Many acclaimed writers and poets such as Paul McVeigh (The Good Son), Adam Marek (a fantastical short story writer) and the Hungarian poet: George Szirtes have written for it.)

In May, 2014, Every Day Fiction published one of my stories online at . It's called 'Cusp' and you can read it HERE

I have published various articles and stories, mainly true, on Medium.com. HERE

I have another old writing blog with allsorts on it: poetry, flash fiction etc, but I hardly use it these days. Visit: Somewhere along the B9088 HERE

Fetlar Aerial Photography; a collaboration with my husband which contributed to my curiosity about place names on Fetlar such as 'Papil'. HERE

Tresta bay and Papil Water, Fetlar, Shetland Islands

I have a page on Ko-Fi  where you can support me as a writer - HERE

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