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I've written so many health comics, I decided I needed a better way to display them, so they're now on a sister website called 'Artificial'.

You can access the site HERE

List of subjects - clickable links:
  • The Aspartame Story. The history of the approval of Aspartame and it's terrible side effects.
  • The Dangers of Sugar-free Gum. Dr Roberts explains to a mother how deadly a strip of gum is.
  • Aspartame | Dietary Methanol & Autism. Dr Ralph Walton and Dr Woodrow Monte discuss their study of pregnant women who consumed Aspartame.
  • Aspartame Addiction | Ann Hensz. A tragic tale of a mother addicted to Diet Coke.
  • Aspartame | Eye Emergency.  Dr Ralph Walton tells of his aspartame research that ended in a faculty member losing the sight in one eye!
  • MSG Part One. Dr Russell Blaylock discusses the history of MSG, it's hidden counterparts and where to find them in processed food, also some side effects of consumption.
  • MSG Part Two. Dr Blaylock explains the corruption within the FDA and the Glutamate Industry and further elucidation of illness. The text is mainly taken from his book: Excitotoxins: the Taste That Kills.
  • MSG | Obesity  Part Three. How MSG makes humans and animals obese.
  • Genetically Modified. Dr Blaylock discusses how genetically modified food is dangerous for our health and the history of the process since 1994.

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