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Includes a sketch and a jingle from me. Next Level Sketch Episode 9

I just discovered an AdderStane quote in a book called: The Wicked Wit of Scotland by Rod Green published in 2018. Shame he got the publishing date wrong! It's 2017.

I've been making a comic series during lock-down based on the fictional version of two islanders, you can read the comics HERE - but the most fun part is the videos I've made of the series, you can find them on my YouTube channel: HERE


My pilot episode didn't make it the full read at the BBC, however, because I attended Gemma's course, I was accepted to join a group of comedy sketch writers: Next Level Sketch Comedy to write sketches for their podcasts. Normally this group would perform at a theatre in London, but due to Covid they decided to continue online. I had my first writing group meeting on 19th August, it was a lot of fun and this week, we read the sketches we've written before the final drafts are drawn up ready for recording the episode. You can listen to their podcasts HERE. 22/8/2020


An interview with The Shetland Times about winning a place on Gemma Arrowsmith's Sketch Comedy Writing Course, July 2020.

Super chuffed to have given a place on Gemma Arrowsmith's Sketch Comedy Writing Course in July! I am one of eight people chosen out of 503! (June 2020) This course was super good with lots of group breakout exercises to practice our writing chops. Gemma followed up each lesson with an email of the breakdown of the lesson. Invaluable stuff! (July 2020)

Submitted to the following on 21st May 2020. Have now finished writing the second episode. 
Received a rejection letter end of October 2020. Both the BBC Comedy and the Galton and Simpson bursary explained that they wanted to work with people who were further along in their career. I wish they had made that known before I bothered spending months writing drafts. Originally, they advertised as 'no experience needed' which meant all levels of writing were eligible. I would never send a manuscript to them again.

Have submitted a comedy series pilot to the BBC Comedy Room open submissions. Watch this space... (April 2020) My submission was rejected, but I was encouraged to resubmit next year. (July 2020)

The AdderStane (Book One) has been selected for a NetGalley/Kobo promotion from 1st-30th November 2019. Only twenty titles are chosen each month to be featured, so I'm pretty chuffed. Nearer the time, I will post links on how it works. Really hoping for some new readers. 09/09/2019 
(what a waste of time that was - it turns out that far more people than 20 were selected - what a con!)


I have written a few short sets of stand-up comedy skits - I will be recording them (audio only) and uploading to YouTube... writing stand-up comedy is tough but I'm learning from the Greats... 29/8/19


The edited version has been submitted. The first round of judging takes place in November. 23/7/19
(I wasn't placed, after much editing and reading more scripts, I have much more appreciation of scenes versus dialogue)

Today I made a start on the 'edited' version of the pilot episode for the world audience, taking out the 'Britishisms' and including more scenes. It's been fun. Watching an episode of Friends, I realised that I've never heard a political reference or any references that could confuse an audience outside the USA. This is why they truly can be watched in any country without cause for concern. It made more sense to me that I should make sure my TV series can be watched 'universally'. I've also started writing for Visual Verse again, I'd stopped while I was writing the second AdderStane novel but I really enjoy working with a visual prompt. (18/7/2019)


I received written feedback within two weeks and a scorecard. It was so useful and I was urged to go edit and resubmit for the same competition. However, I may have been too eager. My TV Pilot is very British, with lots of references to British politicians which of course is problematic for the folks in the USA! I hadn't thought about that! But I have to say, when I hear the name Trump or Sarah Palin, I don't throw my hands in the air and say 'never heard of of 'em' but I guess folks in the USA are a little more colloquial! I have a choice - either resubmit and take out all Britishism's or wait until the BBC open submissions in April 2020... Either way, it's all a really great experience and the first time I've received feedback for a script. I'd definitely recommend Screencraft. (11/7/2019)

Having deposited my idea with a third party (the least expensive way to show provenance of an idea) I submitted the Pilot episode of my comedy TV series to a script contest via Screencraft. I've asked for written feedback, a bit more expensive but useful. I've almost finished the final editing touches on the second episode and will continue writing episodes until April next year when the BBC have open comedy submissions - that's if my idea hasn't already been snapped up. Here's hoping.. (8/7/2019)

The publishing of the second book seems so far away now and with no real means to promote, it will sit there and make the occasional sale - this is why I will continue to search for traditional publishers to republish and help me to become known as an author. Of course, this is proving more difficult for a couple of reasons; many publishers don't want to republish and I haven't had as much time to write submission letters. The third book has been started but I decided to have a couple of years break before continuing. A change of direction was called for, away from the sinister overtones of The AdderStane series. I started writing in a completely new genre - a British TV comedy series. I've had a lot of fun writing the first two episodes. They are now being edited. The third episode, I hope, will be enough for me to take it to the BBC to see if it's something they can take on. It's been a salve for the upsets during the year and I realise that the comedic dialogue seems to be natural for me to write... watch this space... (18/6/2019)


Since I have removed myself from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc I have more time on my hands to write. For years I had been kidding myself that I NEEDED to be on social media as a writer, or I would remain an unknown. Although this may be partly true, the payoff of not endlessly scouring posts (most of which doesn't interest me) plus not having to continually re-post book flyers which reflected in few sales was worth it. I finally gave up Facebook in the beginning of July when they started censoring certain people's opinions; for me, this was the final straw, who the hell does Zuckerburg (or his Masters) think they are? Freedom of speech should not be curtailed by the wishes of the few. So, although I only had 85 followers on Facebook and a few hundred on Twitter, I felt it was time to try life without it. How has life been? Very productive! And strangely more relaxed. Unfortunately, family members have suffered illness for most of this year, so I wouldn't have had much time to go on social media anyway, but still, I feel a sense of freedom! (6/6/2019)

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