The AdderStane

Something is unearthed that should have stayed buried...
When a retired schoolteacher visits the remote island of Fetlar, in the Shetland Islands, she becomes obsessed with the mystery of a local man who went missing in 1965. While the island is plagued with strange events, she uncovers more than she bargained for. What is the true meaning of The AdderStane Prophecy? Who are the Papar, and why are they linked to Fetlar?

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Sequel: The AdderStane II: The Seven Stars of Burgalstou

Publishing in January 2019

The island of Fetlar receives a visit from a Polish man who's on a mission to save the world. This throws the peaceful island into chaos when the Minister, his wife and Fetlar Esquire: Andrew Bruce of Urie succumb to the man's unusual teachings and practices.
Who or what is the black butterfly?
Why does an innocent man have to die?

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